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I imagine Hip-Hop feminism as a political and social movement that uses the cultural power of hip-hop as a venue to express the values of the feminism. I enjoyed the discussion of feminism as a way to educate women on how to critique their own portrayals in rap music. Peoples uses a quote from Gwendolyn Pough "give young women the tools necessary to critique the messages they are getting". I feel like having these tools would put women in a place to break down the effects of the derogatory messages in rap music. Although I feel feminism should not end there, opening up a critical dialogue like the one Pough describes would be wonderful.

Different regions of our country will have put a different priority level on feminism and more specifically hip hop feminism. Areas that are homogenous, like most suburbs, seem to have a lesser population of marginalized individuals so hip hop is not so strongly needed for expression. Cities or areas with larger and more diverse populations will have a larger number of marginal groups. I had no idea what the local TC feminist hip-hop scene looked like until I Googled it and everything I discovered was wonderful. Hip-hop feminism is found through the work of local twin cities artists like Dessa and Desdemona. Desdemona worked with a group of other women to start up the B-Girl Be program through Intermedia Arts. B-Girl Be works to recognize women's contributions to hip hop. The mission statement for the program reflects what I imagine hip-hop feminism should look like.

When women have space to explore, create and perform, a diverse resource of female role models and mentors is unearthed for the next hip-hop generation of both girls and boys.


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Thanks for the introduction to B-Girl! Hip hop is not just music, but any dissenting knowledge or voice that is non-normative or refuses to buy into the misogyny that dominates our hip-hop culture today.

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