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Hip-hop was first introduced to me in a hip hop oriented dance class I took while in middle school. The instructor was this captivating young woman who had these ridiculous glittery nails and a giant stack of CDs I'd never heard of. I don't remember exactly what she played but I remember thinking I felt really cool for experiencing it. Being that I was in middle school and I was still a stranger in my own body; I didn't really know how to move like the music told me to. Also many of the "popular kids" at school listened to hip-hop and rap (I did not) which created this unattainable realm I felt I couldn't join. So in both regards I viewed myself as an outsider trying desperately to be an insider. I've definitely grown up a lot since then and have found my own outlet that includes a lot of 90's hip hop. So in a way I'm reliving those lost musical tween years. destiny_survivorbrat480.jpg

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