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306474_4432784947611_1564556183_n.jpgHello, my name is Sophia and I am a freshman here at the U. Although I am uncertain, I am leaning toward a Biology or Chemistry major. To me, justice is a human right, equity, and the aftermath of positive or negative behavior. Unfortunately, most people in the world are insufficient in their deserved human rights. No matter how "good" a person one is, each and every person deserves the essential respect and sovereignty over themselves. Disrespecting people because of race, gender, and sexuality is not only a threat to justice but a disservice to society. Furthermore, justice is what is or should be equitable to all, such as the opportunity to thrive in society regardless of background, or the reasonable punishment after an individual has robbed others of their safety. Justice is so difficult to define because what is "fair" versus what is "equal" are two separate concepts, and deciding what is fair is both circumstantial and in the eye of the beholder. Furthermore, if one is the victim of wrongdoing, it is nearly impossible to compensate for their pain. Regardless, every one in the world deserves the right to succeed in society regardless of statistics or stereotypes. This is a picture of me on The Great Wall of China.

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