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After watching the Nicki Minaj video in class and having thoughtful discussion, I wanted to draw on something that initially caught my attention in her lyrics during the first video viewing. It appears that location is very crucial to Nicki and in this video as she chose to include visual themes that are culturally relevant and important to her. But in the lyrics to "Pound the Alarm," there is a clear contradiction to the location being depicted versus lyrical content. The lyrics that create this contradiction are:

.."Skeeza, pleeza, I'm in Ibiza.."

The realization that Nicki is singing about a place that is so far removed from the chosen location to film the video made me feel a little more of something for Nicki. Ibiza is an island located off of the coast of Spain and is known as being one of the largest party cities in the world whereas Trinidad and Tobago is an island nation located in the Caribbean. There is an obvious divide in how she wants to be depicted, and how her lyrics have been influenced by others in favor of clubbing music and money making. I thought there was a little glimmer of feminism and power reflected in the decision to film the video in her home country which loosely follow lyrical context. This was very interesting to me and I just wanted to point out the locational differences in lyrics vs. visual.

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