My first exposure to Hip Hop through dance

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When I was three years old my parents put me into dance class because I loved to be on stage. Soon after, I was competing in dance competitions all over the U.S. A large part of competing in dance is expanding your knowledge and learning new styles of dance at conventions. When I was five I attended my first dance convention where I was taught a Hip Hop dance. This was my first exposure to Hip Hop, but it would not be my last. Although I do not have any knowledge of what song I danced to I know that it made a big impact on me. From that point on, I started competing in Hip Hop dances and I did until I graduated from high school. I am excited to be in this class because it will give me a sense of connection to a part of my past that I miss greatly and a more in-depth look into how Hip Hop was made and the revolution that surrounded it.

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After reading your blog post, I was left reminiscing and thinking about all the years that I too was in dance and how big of an impact it has had on my life. I too was a dancer since the age of 3 and competed every category and genre of dance. Hip-hop was not my strongest suite as a dancer but I too am excited to be able to connect with my inner dancer and think about all the memories I have had as a dancer. I attended workshops as well and remember all the times that I had been taught hip-hop dances and how I had wished that I could perform like the top hip-hop dancers had since you could tell that they just had the moves in them. They could pick up the beat and moves instantly. Although it was harder for me, I still enjoyed what I could from it, and miss it as I am thinking about it now.

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