My mother loves hip hop


I would not have been exposed to hip hop until late high school if it had not been for my mom. She is all over the place when it comes to music, and I have learned over the years that she often picks the artist that will stick out the most in traffic. She loves blasting Tool on her way to work as an elementary school bus driver. When I was in 6th grade she bought a Black Eyed Peas album and I loved it. There was so much energy in every single song, even the melancholy songs. From there she bought an Outkast album and another Black Eyed Peas album and we would blast them in the car, while doing chores, on vacations and wherever else possible. I had never gotten the impulse to just dance, or even bob to music until these artists were on my stereo. Now hip hop is more than just a beat, I love listening to the stories and the puns in the music. And I love that so many people I know now appreciate the same thing in the music, its a testament to the universal value of hip hop.


I love that your mom was the one to expose you to hip hop! I feel as though I would have a greater appreciation for the culture if my mom had been the one to involve me in it, but she just isn't a fan of hip hop, mainly because of the stuff she has heard. She thinks the lyrics are too inappropriate. It is good that you have someone to share your love for the music with! That is why I am glad my boyfriend is around to introduce me to new artists, and get me more involved with hip hop.

I think that it is totally awesome that your mom is the one who introduced you to hip-hop. My parents exposed me to more of the oldies and the classics and friends were really the ones who showed me hip-hop. The fact that your mom listened to hip-hop with you I think really gets rid of some of the unnecessary taboos and judgements that go along with the genre. I remember not wanting to let my parents know that I liked a rap song or hip-hop song because I didn't want to get a whole lecture on it. Now my parents are much more open to it, but I think people who stand up to the taboos- like your mom, are the reason that hip-hop is such a big part of our culture today.

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