My path to hip hop

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During my childhood I listened to numerous types of music. I never had one particular type of music that I listened to rather I changed my style during the years. I listened to Serbian music, American music, rock, hip-hop, pop and even metal.
I did not have many connections to hip-hop of any other country but mine. The words in those songs are mostly slangs, jargons and phrases I could not understand since English is my second language. Later I realized that it was not just the language that was at stake but also the political, economic and social topics that those songs tell about. Often to understand hip-hop it also means that one should understand issues from the country where that song was written. That was why I stick with Serbian hip-hop.
I remember being a metal depressed 14-years all girl when I first heard Marchelo (a very famous hip-hoper in Serbia). I did not even want to hear it since I thought that rappers cannot be considered singers since they talk rather than sing. Anyway, my best friend made me listen to Pismo bratu (A letter to my brother) since he knew that lyrics are going to blow my mind. It was like that. I cried for hours after I heard it since it is a song about two brothers who were happy together as kids but then one brother left to pursuit better life far away from Serbia after the war (what happened to at least 80% of Serbian people, if not more). In that letter he was telling his brother how he lives still really miserably in Serbia while thinking of how his brother is happy out there, having a family and a decent life. Song is full of political context about Serbia and the problems of survival that majority of people have in my country. A few days ago I listened to it again and realized that nothing really changed from that time and 7 years have passed. The only thing that has changed is that I am one more sister that left and it hurts, a lot.
After that night I started listening to Marchelo all the time. Then there were other artists that I liked but I think that no other singer can turn on those emotions that Marchelo did.
In Serbia hip-hop is the most popular among 13-17 years old girls and boys. There are some really good song from which one can learn a lot. However, I do not like that there are so many young (mostly) boys (17-21 old) who enter the studio for the first time and next week they already have hip-hop album. Their songs do not have point, do not criticize, do not give a good message. One should not make album to be famous, at least not hip-hop album. I always thought that hip-hop is a way of transmitting disappointment or constructive criticism of society, politics or some other aspects of life. One should not do hip-hop just for fame but because s/he has something to say that needs to be heard.

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Thanks for sharing! I would love to hear some Serbian hop hop and compare it to the American stuff I'm familiar with. I think your post really captures the essence of global hip hop... that so many people in so many different places can utilize hip hop as a way to share and to tell a story.

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