My Relation to Hip Hop

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Personally hip hop hasn't had a significant role in my life mostly because I grew up in a predominately white suburb and hip hop wasn't a part of everyone's culture. The first time hip hop was introduced into my life was when I was in junior high and my older sister showed me music that I had never heard before and I ended up really liking it. Growing up I would occasionally listen to hip hop artists such as Chris Brown, T-Pain, Usher, Soulja Boy, and a few others but I didn't consistently listen to them. The clearest memory I have of being influenced by hip hop was when I went to a concert in which Sean Kingston performed. This opened up my eyes on how an artist can impact so many people's lives because of the music they create. I have become to enjoy hip hop music more over the years because it is exciting, upbeat, and can really relate to any mood you are in. I am excited to learn more about the culture of hip hop and I hope to incorporate it more into my daily life. Sean+Kingston.jpg

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I also had limited exposure to hip hop growing up. I had never realized how diverse the hip hop music scene was until college and I agree that there is something to fit any mood or emotion within the genre. That variety is amazing when you think about how distinct the parameters of hip hop are. The artists rely so much on words and hip hop makes it clear how powerful words are.

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