My Relation To Hip Hop

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I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin so I didn't really hear hip hop until I got into high school. I come from a town that is very redneck and so I mainly listened to country music but I do remember the first time I heard a hip hop song.

I played basketball and as a team we always chose a song to run out to as we warmed up for the game. I remember the girls talking about Roy Jones- Can't Be Touched, Nelly- Here Comes the Boom and my personal favorite Fort Minor- Remember the Name. The songs just inspired me to work that much harder with everything I did in my life. Whether it was school, work or sports I put in a little more effort into what I was doing. Listening to the music was like listening to a motivational speaker, it just made me want to get up and take action. It told a story, a story that I could relate to on more levels than one.

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