My Stance On Hip Hop

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I started listening to hip hop when I was in middle school, it definitely was my favorite type of music at the time. My friends Tess and Scout would come over after school and we would listen to it all night while we were playing basketball in the driveway. Our favorite was 50 cent- I'll take ya to the candy shop...definitely did not know the true meaning of that song at age 10. As I got older, my love of hip hop diminished and became more of an appreciation. I think it's partially due to moving from Kansas City,MO to Eden Prairie, MN. It's definitely played a lot more there then in Minnesota, where I think country is kind of the genre to beat. Growing up in KC where everyone seemed to listen to hip hop I never felt like an outsider, everyone would talk about new songs coming out from artists like 3LW and Ne-Yo. You would hear it everywhere, playing on car radios, outside of shops, at the YMCA, ect. Even though I don't play hip hop as much, I still enjoy listening to it with a bunch of my girlfriends while we get ready to go out, or to get pumped up to go workout, but I'm definitely more of a country and rock listener now. However, in those few moments when I do tune in to hip hop, I have realized that it's one of those genres that just make you feel good. Whenever I listen to it I forget about school and responsibilities and I just focus on having a good night. One of my favorite memories involving hip hop is when I spent 3 weeks in Tanzania with the Moshi tribe. We were there on a medical trip to treat patients with Malaria, and other tropical diseases, so there was a lot of sickness which, of course, left everyone a little down at the end of the day. However, one night a girl brought her speaker phones and played usher for the kids, him and Beyonce are like the Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus of Tanzania, we all started dancing and laughing, and they even taught us how to sing some of the words in Kiswahili. It was by far one of my favorite experiences in Africa, and it definitely brought us closer not only to the tribe but as a medical team too.jpg

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