My view on hip-hop feminism

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Although I enjoy listening to songs which empower women and I like to prove myself especially among men I never thought of myself as a feminist. While reading the articles I got an impression that feminism means fight for gender equality on social, political, economic and cultural field. Like black women who have double fight (skin color and gender) I feel that I have that double fight in my life (disability and gender). This was my first time that I am reading article about feminism and I can see myself between the lines. It really made me think where I fit in feminism (if I fit at all).
A big part of our articles is about arguments between hip hop feminism and black feminism with a conclusion that there is not so much difference. As much as I got it the biggest difference is dynamic where hip-hop feminism speaks trough music and is much more energetic and up-to-date. However, there was something in my mind from the last class while I was reading. These articles talk mainly about experience of young black woman. And although no one can deny origins of hip-hop and talent that black people have I think that hip-hop is not just a problem of race.
Along with that I can answer on the last question. I was not thought ever that hip-hop is a black music. I realized that when I came to America. As I said, I do not underestimate the influence of black people but rather I want to explain how geography and ethnicity influence hip-hop in a different part of the world. There are no black people in Serbia and young people still listen to it very much. It is because hip-hop gives us an opportunity to express our problems that are mostly the ones about poverty, ethnicity and education. Moreover, there is a significant percentage of gender violence in Serbia and I believe that woman in poor country fight the same fight as black women in America. Although it has origins in "blackness" I still think that people around the world share similar problems. Sharing those problems through words of music is the best way of raising awareness about those problems.
However what stood out the most for me is experience of black woman and I can see how hard is that fight. I did not have a chance to read about their position within black race. I always thought that they had support from their men and from their community. I was never aware of " the violence black men commit against black women." (305) As I am reading I am becoming aware of crucial racial and gender problems and as I said, hip-hop probably gives the best explanation for those relationships.
Apart from that, the part where it was written that vice president did not know about HIV/AIDS being among black women in such a big percentage told me a lot about the struggle of black female persons. It was really sad and shocking.
The site that I was looking through while meeting the hip hop of Twin Cities is I saw couple of songs that I like. In addition there are some hip hop events, articles, links etc. The song that I like the most while doing this little research is 551 by Dessa who is a female rapper from Minneapolis. Also I read an interview that she gave for Minnpost where she explains that for her word count in rapping is important. I already said that for me words are something that I like the most about rap and I think that is the reason why I chose this song.

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I love Dessa and that is one of my favorite songs by her!

It was really interesting to hear about your global experience of hip-hop. It's a cool example of how forms can be moved far from their original context and still have meaning.

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