Twin Cities Hip-Hop Feminism

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There are a few people and places i like to go to to get my feminist listening and performing needs met. One person i respect greatly is Hiedi Barton Stink she is a trans woman radical hip-hop artist who is always critically reflecting with society and offering ways to promote change. She throws a wrench in the machine. Other Hip-Hop feminists i enjoy are Maria Isa and a new artist i'm just getting familiar with called B-Dot Croc. While Maria Isa is more strongly political with her messages B-Dot Croc offers more personal experiences and strives to inspire and motivate young women. Amy Sacket is also cool. i have worked with her when i danced in B-Girl Be in 2010. She offers new insights into the Hip-Hop lense currently she made a video with Brother Ali that's worth checking out. Also she will be putting on th "joint project" with other artists this thur and friday at intermedia arts ($15).

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