Who I am in Relation to Hip Hop and How it has Shaped Me

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My views and experiences with hip hop have greatly transformed throughout my life, let alone transformed me. I remember I was in the third grade and my dad had just picked me up from school. I turned on the radio and wanted to listen to Radio Disney but accidentally turned to 101.3 KDWB. I remember only hearing this annoying noise where people talked really fast in unpleasant rhythmic beats. I had never heard hip hop or rap before this, I only listened to pop. If I couldn't follow the beat or understand what was being sung, I didn't listen to it. It was when I was 13 years old and was enrolled in dance classes, as well as submerged into demographically diverse junior highs and high schools, when I started to realize that these music genres weren't noise, but were individuals expressing themselves through spoken word in a rhythmic way that was meaningful to them and allowed them to freely express themselves. Walking down the halls of high school with students free style rapping in the stairways made me realize how important hip hop and rap were to self expression. Dance has also deepened my understanding for the two because it has helped me find my own voice, beat, and rhythm within the genres as well as other genres.hip hop.jpg

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I'm kind of jealous that your high school just had kids freestyling in the hallways... all my high school had was fistfights and excessive amounts of PDA. Cool picture.

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