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I think I have learned more in this class by just sitting back and listening to others debate and discuss than I have in any other class so far this semester. This whole Idea of "Hip Hop Feminism" was/is all very new to me still. When we first started talking about women in hip hop I was advised by Professor Isoke to listen to Lauryn Hill and the Fugees, since I had expressed that I wanted to listen to some real hip hop since my experience with it was so mainstream. And through listening to the Fugee's album "The Score" it was truly a nice introduction. The song "Ready or not" was one of my favorites. In the chorus when Lauryn Hill was saying "I'm gunna find you and take it slowly, and I'm gunna find you and make you want me." This to me is saying how she is going to take control of the man and relationship and take it slow her way. She is going to find someone and make them actually want her as a person and not as a toy or sex object because she is better than that. Even something simple in the video, such as the way she was shown, not as a sex object but as an artist. She is featured in the video because of her talent and voice not because of her body. And through watching some of her individual videos I also learned a lot. The Doo-Wop (That Thing) video was from an amazing perspective also. The split screen aspect and how it showed how much has truly changed from 67 to 98. In my mind I took it as in 1968, women of color didn't necessarily have a voice nor were they featured in videos or really as a part of hip hop yet but now plenty of women are prevalent in the hip hop community. But now with big artists like Nicki Minaj, are they being voiced in the right ways? Artists like Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifa in the 90's were doing an amazing job of being the voice of the unheard women of hip hop but not with the sexual perception of women in hip hop I feel as if women of color in hip hop are now viewed as toys. So is it better to be prevalent in hip hop with a bad reputation than not prevalent at all? Overall I was very inspired by Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifa and the things they rapped about and the inspiration they brought to the hip hop community especially the young girls wanting to have a voice in it.

*** I didn't remember how to have the video show up here but this is the Ready or Not video by the Fugee's.

I also found an older interesting article that seemed to almost sort of sum up what we have talked about in class a bit to me. This is the first thing I found when I found out this blog topic since I didn't know anything about hip hop feminism my first instinct... google it. And along with googling hip hop feminism along with Lauryn Hill I found this interesting article that may also be interesting to others so check it out!

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This is a photo of Lauryn Hill.

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