Blog 2: Hip Hop Feminism

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Hip hop feminism means something that shed light on women of color through hip hop culture. According to "Under Construction", Eisa Davis says that "Hip-hop gave me a language that made my black womanhood coherent to myself and the world; hip-hop revived me when my soul was balanced from neglect" (26). I found this quotation appealing because it shows how hip-hop feminism can help a woman when she finds her soul and identity.

I don't have that much of knowledge of hip hop feminism in Twin Cities, so I googled hip-hop feminism in Twin Cities and I could find Dessa. She is a Minneapolis-based hip hop musician and does both sing and rap. Dessa shows something masculine through her raps and sings in a beautiful voice showing feminine. This gives her a great freedom to express her inner feeling about family, childhood, addiction and relationships.

I think not many women have been considered as real hip hop musicians. Women in American hip hop have always been an anomaly. Unfortunately, this is just as true for independent artists as those working in the mainstream. Therefore, this inequality of being women hip-hop artist made them more talk about feminism, someone neglected from society and women, more likely women of color. I think this is where hip-hop feminism stems from.

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