Hip Hop and Feminine Unity

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When I pledged a sorority my freshman year I never though that it would teach me something about hip hop and hip hop feminism. We were told to listen to U.N.I.T.Y by Queen Latifah during our pledge process and reflect on the lyrics. I thought it was just because unity was another part of sisterhood that we needed to learn about. However, after listening to the song again in class I realized that there was such a deeper meaning, it wasn't just about being a unified force within a sisterhood but as women in general. We have the power to change things and we should never underestimate ourselves and our fellow women.


If we hadn't discussed this in class I'm sure that lesson would have never clicked in my mind. Being new to the cities I honestly feel that our class is probably the best place in the to explore, define, and understand hip hop feminism. I've learned more in the past few weeks about both hip hop and feminism than I've learned in my entire life. I feel like the main thing that stuck out in the reading to me was the strong objection to being viewed as an object. The way that hip hop feminism demands both respect and power. I think I found these concepts to be the most appealing because I love when women are able to stand up and declare that they are there, they are strong, and they are independent. They demand to be recognized and seen as something bigger than just another woman but as a force to be reckoned with. I feel like a person's demographics and background have a lot to do with what they believe is hip hop feminism and how they perceive it. I know that being a white Scottish Italian female from a rural suburb I have a completely different perception of hip hop feminism than many of our authors and those in our class who grew up in Urban areas. With that being said, I'm beyond excited to continue learning about the intricacies of hip hop and feminism as individual and unified concepts.

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That is really interesting that your sorority had you listen to something that we listened to in class. It is always great when things that happen in class cross over into real world situations.

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