Hip Hop Feminism

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Honestly, I am not that familiar with hip hop as I look back my childhood. Also, I haven't thought about feminism before. Therefore, I didn't really understand how those two words, hip hop and feminism can be together. But I was able to get some sense of Hip Hop Feminism after I watched the three music videos in last class. The most impressive music video was "U.N.I.T.Y." by Queen Latifah relating hip hop feminism.
I guess hip hop feminism is social and political movement about women's social position using of the hip hop generation. The music video, "U.N.I.T.Y." was hard to understand what she is saying as I heard it at the same time, so I looked up the lyrics in Internet after the class. One of the article that I read through Internet by Katherine Cheairs, she said, "The song spoke out against domestic violence and the objectification of Black female sexuality. "U.N.I.T.Y." began a conversation in the African American community over violence and assault against women. It also established that Black women rappers had a powerful voice in a filed dominated by men."

Also, there is a good quote that helped me to understand hip hop feminism well. In the article, Whitney A. peoples said, " Although there is contention over the nature and potential of hip hop as progressive political practice, some cultural analysis read parts of hip hop culture and rap music as providing political analysis although at times problematic - about racist, sexist, economic, police, and community violence that African-American men and women face." I think hip hop culture is doing an important key role of giving women's voice.
I heard that there are some groups for B-girl in the campus. I haven't seen their showcase, but I guess it will be a great experience to exchange their knowledge of hip hop feminism and black feminism.

Here is the article that I read.

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