hip hop feminism and its presence in the twin cities

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For me, hip hop feminism means more than applying feminist thought to the hip hop culture. It's about spreading the opposition of sexism, racism, misogyny, and institutionalized discrimination in general through means that can reach a wide range of people who may not normally be exposed to it. By using music and lyrics, graffiti, dance, and even spoken word (although this may not be considered "hip hop"), hip hop feminists are taking advantage of the tools that would normally be used to promote the values and ideas that they are trying to contradict. In her article "Under Construction" Whitney Peoples expresses a similar view: "... hip hop emerges as what I term 'the generational and culturally relevant vehicle' through which hip hop feminists can spread their message of critical analysis and empowerment" (Peoples, 25). Feminism can be found in all four of these aspects of hip hop in the Twin Cities. Dessa, a rapper/singer and spoken word artist, has become extremely well known in the Cities, especially to white, middle class young adults that may have otherwise not been exposed to hip hop feminism. She especially discusses women oppression and abuse in her lyrics. In her song titled "Chaconne" Dessa writes:
"I hear you keep
Your pretty wife alive
On only brie
They say a dozen years ago
She could have passed for me
She doesn't trust you with the baby
Maybe better that way"

Although hip hop feminism is usually associated with black feminism, I think it is important to be seen as a tool for all women. Misogyny and domestic abuse is a problem faced by women of every race, age, and socioeconomic status, and it is important to extend feminism, including hip hop feminism, to all of these women.


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