Hip Hop Feminism In the Twin Cities

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I have no knowledge of any kind of hip hop culture coming out of the Twin Cities, let alone hip hop feminist culture. Therefore, for this blog I took to a good, old-fashioned Google search. And it actually led me to some really cool things. First I started by going to the Current's website. This led me to a column called "state of the arts" that highlights local happenings in the arts community of Minneapolis. And that column led me to Maia Maiden. She led me to her dance troupe ConsciousSpirit. ConsciousSpirit is a local dance troupe of five women who support, promote and actively engage hip hop and the arts in and around Minneapolis. They host an event called "Rooted" that highlights Hip Hop cheorography.
Here is a link to their website: http://consciousspiritmovement.com/

But one event that they are involved in is one that actually hasn't happened yet; It is called "This was made for women's bodies." This is a performance piece inspired by a work by Maya Angelou that explores different female experience through the body, dance and spoken word.
Here is a link to the event info: http://intermediaarts.org/catalyst-series-this-was-made-for-womens-bodies

Upon reading about this performance peice I was immediately reminded of a section is Aisha Durham's article " Using [Living hip-hop] Feminism. It goes as such:

"In an increasingly media-centric society, music, movies and television can serve as pedagogical tools to teach us abouot ourselves and others. [...] We speak through representation."

She then goes on to discuss her performance piece where her body clashed with the lyrics to a Ludacris song while at a halloween party. She discussed how this song was falsely representing her as a black women, but somehow the song made it 'okay' for this man to approach her the way he did. I think it is incredibly important to know that in order to break these false representations, you first have to be aware that they are there. And I think that you can do that in interesting and non-interesting ways. For instance, you can be self aware. Knowing that certain representations of females are false and constructed is a positive and can help with your own personal identity. However, you can also take it one step further and share it with others. This can be done through just talking or, like ConsciousSpirit, through dance. These women are taking control of these representations by protraying their own TRUE experiences through their own bodies, not through other means.

p.s. I apologize, I could not figure out how to make the links clickable, but if you copy and paste them they will take you to the right place!

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