Hip Hop Feminism in the Twin Cities

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Hip Hop Feminism as described in Under Constuction was a very interesting thing to read about. I was intrigued by how hip hop feminism tries to connect with people that might not consider themselves 'feminists' or want anything to do with feminism for that matter. By connecting on a level and using a tool that is already engrained in many peoples lives (hip hop) hip hop feminism tries to raise awareness of feminist ideals to an audience that would could be unreceptive or otherwise in the dark.

To find hip hop feminism in the Twin Cities I think first you would need to find hip hop and then see what feminist forces are at play within what you've found. Finding both together while not impossible would require astute tracking. I recently read an article in City Pages about the hip hop trio The Chalice. An all female group out of Minneapolis The Chalice embraces many feminist ideals in their lyrical content. The article mentions TLC, SWV, Erykah Badu and Lauren Hill as cited inspirational figures by the group. They seem to be pushing forward in a similar vein speaking of race gender and identity in their lyrics.
Minnesota has an astounding arts community and it would not be hard to find hip hop feminism in other places. Even here at the U you can find outlets in the form of student groups and events. Numerous poetry slams and even dance troupes around the cities can be seen as having an element of hip hop feminism.

Here is a picture of Joan Morgan from her Twitter, I chose to use her Twitter picture as it is how she chose to be seen.


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I like that you discuss how hip hop feminism connects women who may or may not want anything to do with identifying as a feminist. I also think that you raised a very important point in the idea that by using a tool that is already familiar, hip hop is using its influence to advocate for social change to women that may have otherwise been left uninformed. This definitely connects to the making the invisible visible argument.

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