My favorite non U.S. hip hop artist! - Tinie Tempa

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When I was asked to think of my favorite non U.S. hip hop artist Tinie Tempa automatically came to mind. Over the years listening to him, I have found his songs to be incredibly entertaining and original. As an artist he has been very succesful and collaborates with other artist who top the hip hop charts. Tinie Tempa is an english rapper that came to the United States after his career took off across seas.

Tinie Tempa is his stage name and his actual name given by his parents is Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu. He was born in London, England where is early rap career took off. Throughout his career he has become extremely well known and popular in the United States for only being twenty-four years of age. As a young artist the first mixed tape he released was in 2007, and soon after his first album Disc-Overy. This album debuted at number in the UK in 2010. His album we preceeded by two british number one singles. He also won a Brit Award for the best british breakthrough act.

Tinie Tempa's main reason for coming over to the United States, was that there was no platform to put his music on along with a Def Jam or Rocka fella label equivalent in England. At the rate his career was taking off he needed a larger and more powerful label to get his name and music distributed to the general public. His goal was to create a major independent label with quality artists. His is such a young artist, but has already become extremely successful in his hip hop career. I have always been a huge fan of his music and am excited for the music he will produce in the future. One of my dreams and goals is to attend one of his concerts in my life time.

Below I have provided a music video of one of his more recent hits, that I love!

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This is so interesting! Nice music video.. I can see why he is your favorite non-US hip hop artist. You really provided a good background on Tinie Tempa and this made me want to listen to more of his music. Thanks for sharing such a great blog!

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