Apathy and Efficacy in Youth

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I think that the biggest problem facing the global youth in the hip hop culture is apathy towards the government and a feeling of efficacy in government. A lot of the youth around the world do not really care about the government or the bureaucracy that governs them and many don't realize the impact that they could make if they realized their true political potentials. Efficacy, in terms of voting and politics, refers to the belief that one's vote will actually effect the election or have an impact on how a country or municipality is run. A lot of young people are disinterested in politics and have no desire to vote. This is such a sad thing, as the right to vote is not granted to everyone in every country and the global youth should take advantage of their rights and voice their opinion of how they think government should be run.

A good example of this in hip hop is the "Rock the Vote" movement. Rock the Vote is a non-partisan non-profit group whose mission is to "engage and build the political power of young people." Many hip hop artists and celebrities were part of this campaign to raise awareness for young people voting in the United States. Check out Mos Def's video below!


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