Blog 3: Foreign Hip Hop

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My experience with hip hop artists outside the U.S. is little to none. My experience with true hip hop artists IN the U.S. is small even. So my first thought for this prompt was simply to... yes... Google it. So I went forward to Google things such as "foreign hip hop" and "top foreign hip hop artists". This got me a few things but I found that YouTube was a much more helpful source for this blog assignment. Here with searching "foreign hip hop artists" I got a lot more hits. I listened to a few of the first artists that came up, inferring that they were the most popular, probably in English, and probably relate able to U.S. hip hop artists, making them relate able to the hip hop that I have been exposed to. One that particularly stood out to me was a group by the name of "Foreign Beggars". They are from the UK, produce hip hop and dubstep and only began in 2002. The first song I listened to was "Evil Dr. Hip Hop" which first drew my attention because of the fast speak in the first part of the song, which for my pleasure/experience was very Tech N9ne esque. This fast rap was highly impressive and that's when I knew I could listen to this more then just once. In continuing to listen to their songs I came upon one called "Whose Next" which again reminded my of an artist that I already listen to, Prof, made me like this music more and more. In this song in particular they use an almost Disney sounding, little girl running through a field with butterflies and birds, sounding tune in the beginning which carries through in the background of the song. But then raps and uses other beats over it to make it his own and raps about real stuff while this happy underlay is still prevalent in the background.
Now this is not to say that I only chose this group because they reminded me of artists I already like and listen to but that I truly respect and could see myself listening to this music in my spare time not just for an assignment. Which I have, through this assignment I have already downloaded one of his albums. This is another thing I love about this class is that although we only meet once a week I keep learning through the music, something that I enjoy and there's ALWAYS more out there which means there is always more for me to learn and that's what I love about this class and the blog.


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