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There are many issues in our global world that we are required to face on a daily basis. As a generation of youth it is imperative to challenge the systems that enable these oppressions to occur. I think that hip-hop is a really good platform for youth to speak out against these oppressions. It can be adapted to resonate within many different cultures yet still maintain the oppositional perspective that it originated from. Youth can expose the realities of their communities through hip-hop while educating others that do not have means of obtaining such awareness. I think the biggest issue preventing more youth from using this type of activism is the belief that they will not be able to make a difference. They believe they do not have the power to transform longstanding legislation, tradition, and culture. However, I believe with the advancements in technology their messages can reach many more audiences than ever before. It is time for the youth to come together to take over and fight for justice worldwide. I think Erykah Badu is an artist that is not afraid to challenge the injustices in our society. She talks about issues like poverty, urban violence, complacency, and cultural identity. This is a video of her song "Window Seat" where she shed her layers in Dealey Plaza where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. She did not care about what others were going to think of her public nudity and did something she believed in.

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