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In my opinion, the biggest issue facing the new generation is racial inequality. Oppression of a certain group of people is the only way another group can survive or it is a way express the rejection of a foreign entity. synonymously to Darwinism. Having been the target of bullying, I know from experience that my race was a factor. I was one of the few Chinese people in a school of 1,000 and this foreign identity was not welcomed into the heavily Filipino, Samoan, Tongan and Mexican ethnicity school. I believe that society has become more diverse, however, what needs to be worked on is the accepting of others. What I have experienced is probably nothing compared to the hatred seen outside of the United States.

Many of my Muslim friends have dealt with racial discrimination for their usage of a hijab. What I believe society has come to believe is that the use of hijab is equivalent to being a terrorist and looked upon differently. Although what I've witnessed did not have any physical effect on anyone, the mental effect is just as detrimental and can lower a person's view on life. A song that I enjoy dealing with racism is Common and Will.I.Am.'s song I Have A Dream

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I would have to agree with you, our country has been dealing with racial inequality for decades. It is very sad and disheartening the discrimination some groups of people have to face. In these modern times one would think we could resolve these issues and learn to embrace one another for our differences! Great blog, this is a major issue facing the youth and the whole world today.

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