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What is the most important issue facing new generations of young people globally? Find a video clip that uses hip hop to tell the story.

I believe that the most important issue facing young people globally today is distinguishing between facts and propoganda. Our ability to communicate with each other globally has made huge advancements for human rights, has led to more educated populations, and has enlightened people about cultures, practices, and issues facing other countries. But, because the tools used for communication are difficult to regulate and monitor, namely the internet, the line between facts and propaganda and severely been blurred. Popular news channels in the US are known to be biased, and they often reshape stories to present the "side" that they associate with in a more positive light than the other. Sometimes information is simply left out to make their "side" of the story more favorable. However, this is nothing in comparison to the media propoganda being presented to citizens in other countries. For example, during our discussion on Palestine and Israel it was brought up that all of the television channels in Israel broadcast ONLY Israeli new and TV shows. This is an issue because any events unfolding in Palestinian areas are either completely disregarded or are shown in a manner to present the Palenstinians in a negative way. If there is coverage of an event concerning both Palestinians and Israelis, only the Israeli "side" of the story is presented. Palestinians are constantly exposed to Israeli propaganda, and this makes in nearly impossible for them to get actual facts.

I ablsolutely love this song by Dead Prez and I though it was very appropriate...

Though he is discussing propoganda in the US, much of what he says could resonate with the Palestinians. One excerpt that I really like is:

For your tv screen, is telling lies to your vision
Every channel got some brainwashed cop shit to watch
Running up in niggas cribs claiming that they heard shots.

I can imagine television in Israel presenting images just like these, though the "niggas" are Palestinians instead. I think it is so, so important to have a credible and reliable source of information on everything from politics to local, national, and global news, and since no one seems to want to regulate the information it is the responsibility of the global youth to decide what to believe and what to not.

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I completely agree. Growing up there was this myth promoted that the news was sacred and that it communicated only the "truth." The problem with this is that there are so many "truths." You and I can look at the same situation and interpret it in totally different ways. The trick is learning what a news source's bias might be- who owns it? Who is it selling to? Where does it select it's writers from? After the Arab Spring, when Al-Jazeera wanted to bring "Al-Jazeera English" to the US, they were only able to if they agreed to not publish damaging articles about Israel.That completely cripples their ability to report equally.

Our news about Israel is filtered through a pro-Israel filter which makes it all the more important for us to be critical viewers.

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