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I believe an important issue facing young people globally is the idea of tolerance. Each group of people has difficulties with accepting something or someone that is different than what they believe to be "acceptable". The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of tolerance of others was the VOTE NO campaign this year for the election. Many youth are more accepting of a man who loves a man or a woman who loves a woman than older generations. It is a challenge for youth today to change the notions of what it tolerable and what is acceptable in our society. While it seems that youth in the U.S. are more accepting and tolerable of gays, they still display little acceptance of other groups of people who are different than themselves. The example that comes to mind is the treatment of Muslim women who choose to wear their hijabs. Although I believe youth are more understanding and accepting of the choice to wear the hijab, I do believe that the level of acceptance is still very low. American youth who do not understand why women choose to wear the hijab do not tolerate or accept the fact that it is happening. They still hold the idea of forcing ones own ideologies onto another. It is important for youth to see the gaps in what they tolerate and what they do not to create a better and improved society. It is not only the U.S. youth that need to change the notions of what is tolerable and acceptable. On the global level, the example that comes to mind is the acceptance of Palestinians in Israel. I did not know much about the conflict happening over seize, and the readings we have read in class have opened my eyes to the lack of acceptance of others. The youth in Israel have the power to change what will be acceptable or tolerable for future generations. It is important for youth globally to alter societal notions of what is tolerable. To do this, the lack of acceptance needs to be displayed for everyone to see in order for it to be realized how idiotic the rules of acceptance are. Since we have been talking a lot about the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, the group that comes to mind is DAM. They express the lack of acceptance and the need for acceptance through their hip hop. It is important to have tolerance for and acceptance of others in order for everyone to have freedom.
The video I posted is a song by DAM called Change Tomorrow. I think it is fitting for this blog because it is about the need for change, and youth being a part of that change.


Loved the video! Especially the beginning, it made it a lot more empowering hearing the children singing about wanting education and improvement.

Very poignant ideas! Tolerance is definitely a major issue among many of the global youths. Cool video.

It's crazy that we as young educated people are supposed to be one of the most "tolerant" populations, when I still see so much intolerance. I agree with you on how frustrating this can be, but we can at least be hopeful for the future in that each younger generation is becoming more tolerant.

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