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In my opinion the biggest issue facing the new generation is discrimination. There's no doubt that society has improved greatly on equality but, in my opinion, there's still a ways to go. I picked discrimination, because it is an issue I see the most in my daily life. Little instances like when you over hear people on a plane being more nervous because there's Muslim men on board, or more hesitant to walk alone at night when seeing an African American man walking alongside, compared to a Caucasian. The last example is one that has really affected me since high school, concerning the Somali population here in Minnesota. Attending Eden Prairie High School, we had two main demographics, Somalians and Caucasians. Somalians were thought of in many negative lights, for example, anytime something smelled in the restrooms it was always due to them washing their feet in the sinks, or if there was a fight mentioned it was due to Somalians. Even though I had never seen this action take place, and many of the Somalians I met were friendly, smart and super outgoing, the school as a whole never viewed them this way. Even at my boyfriends college, located in a heavy Somali populated area, people are constantly nagging about how they over run everything and should go back to their apartments. (people assume they make up most of the tenants in 'riverside plaza" which many nicknamed the 'crack stacks.') Although these types of examples do not include limiting any rights, and are just the thoughts of others, I do think that this type of thinking can really lower the person's quality of life, and therefore creates a major issue. Many of these thoughts are not kept just between the people saying them, but have a way of getting around so everyone knows. A song I really like that talks about loving and caring for all people is the Black Eyed Peas "where is the love."

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I agree with you! I also think the most important facing new generations of young people globally is discriminations. Even though people say that discrimination has disappeared as time goes by, I feel that racism is still existed in our society. I, Asian girl, am not discriminated directly in my normal life; I can see some from people. As I mentioned in my blog posting, I have a lot of friends who were discriminated when they were youth in school. The reason I pick discrimination for this blog posting is that in general, people learn about racism when they are very young and they do not even know it because most of what they learn is from their parents. Therefore, I hope youth generation of today to think about discrimination more carefully and do not make any mistake to colored people (who are the same human being!!)

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