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One issue that is facing youth globally today is competition. The generation of youth today has been raised to compete in every situation and only fend for themselves. This also causes them to be selfish which causes an individualistic society. Another issue with the youth being competitive is that it causes youth to expect to get a better job with a higher education and they are also pressured by their family to get a higher education. It is easier in wealthier countries for the youth to get a good education which in turn gets them a better paying job because that is all they have to work towards. In third-world countries, it is more difficult for the young to get a good education because they have other problems they have to deal with and cannot devote their time to school.
The song "The Show Goes On" by Lupe Fiasco is about youth who are from all different cultures and it is saying that no matter where you are from, you can succeed.

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I agree that this generation is built on competition and not that competition is a bad thing but that this is not a fair competition but realistically nothing in our society and world will ever be fair in any sense of the word. And you are completely correct in saying that the youth from around the world don't have equal opportunities to receive higher education and a lot of the time it isn't the child's fault it just happens to be the situation they were born into that they don't get that chance and who's to say that's fair? But there's a lot more than just that wrong with the world, but hey money makes the world go around and it always will.
And Lupe is an amazing artist and one of my favorites and this song is a great representation of his work.

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