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I think the biggest problem facing the global youth culture today/the new generation is the materialistic attitudes of the youth. I think the youth today has lost any sense of imagination and creativity because they are constantly worried about what they have and don't have like the new iphone or ipad. Although these are great advances in technology and education the way this generations looks at them is for face value and almost just to say they are better than someone else their age because they have the money to obtain this item, or their parents do. Kids today are to reliant on money, their parents money, and too many parents today give them just that. When this generation has to face the real world they will not be ready for it. Although I'm not saying that all the youth today has this outlook, but it's sad to think that the ones who don't are the poor and broken because they had to be faced with the harsh reality at a younger age not because their parents didn't want to give them everything but because they simply couldn't. So these kids know the world better than the ones who "have everything" but won't be able to get anywhere with that knowledge because they don't have the money too and that is just something that is simply wrong with our society today. This materialistic society is always getting worse also, and seems to continue to keep starting at younger and younger ages. These kids are slowly losing their imagination and creativity because there's an app for that now. And because these things are constantly being pushed upon the youth through the media there is seemingly no way out now.


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