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I think a topic that effects the hip hop culture globally would be the use of the word 'bitch' in hip hop music and its effects on its listeners. In Lupe Fiasco's video 'bitch bad' he examines the effect this word can have by looking at the word through the lens of a young boy and a girl. In the boy's scenario, he heard is mother singing along to a song and calling herself a 'bad bitch'. In the case of the young girl she watched rap videos of male rapper using the word bitch to refer to the barely clothed woman that were dancing in front of them. Lupe's fiasco's followed these children into there adult life and showed how these images from there child hood effect their adult lives. The boy now a man associates the word bitch to the strong role model of his mother. The girl associates the term to the overly sexualized male fantasy that was depicted in the videos she watched a s a child and now influences the way she dresses. Lupe also mention that the girl may view the word bitch as an insult if 'bad' is not placed in front of it. Hip hop is rooted in oppositionality but the video creates a conversation for rappers and consumers to be aware of the effects that these images may have.

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I LOVE this song and this music video. Lupe Fiasco is an amazing lyricist and I think was the most amazing artist for this song. It is funny how we have different definitions for "bad bitch" and "bitch", even though they should both be considered derogatory.

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