Blog 4-Most important issue facing new generations of young people globally


What is the most important issue facing new generations of young people globally? Find a video clip that uses hip hop to tell the story.

I think the most challenging issue facing new generations of young people globally is complacency, the inability to think for ourselves and mobilize necessary change. Our generation is one of entitlement, where many are used to having more than enough without effort. We are a generation that is reliant on our parents and grandparents who worked hard to provide the easy life we have today. Sometimes we think of this as just an American problem, but this is quickly becoming a global problem. Nations are all affected by this lazy, entitled attitude, both directly and indirectly.
I believe that if our generation continues this way, there will be much discord and many problems as we age. We will not be able to be self-sufficient and people will not be able to adjust to a new life where everything is not handed to them on a silver platter. We tend to be self-centered and money/success-driven, and the inner drive for these things will spur much violence, unrest and hate.
The most important issue facing young people globally is shown by the song "Changes" by Tupac Shakur. One set of lyrics from his song that highlights this is

"We gotta make a change...
It's time for us as a people to start makin' some changes.
Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live
and let's change the way we treat each other.
You see the old way wasn't working so it's on us to do
what we gotta do, to survive."


I think that this is a really interesting way to look at the question and I completely agree. Young people are going to have to stand up for what they believe in and do something about it for changes to ever happen. I think there is an example of this with the recent election that we just had specifically dealing with the issues around gay marriage. Hip hop is an important vehicle for motivating people and hopefully will inspire more young people to stand up for what they think is right in the future. Good choice of song as well, I think that Tupac really embodied the qualities of someone speaking out when they know something is not right, and trying to make a change for the better because of it.

I also thought this was an interesting answer, and I believe it is connected to my entry. I wrote about the ability of youth to distinguish between facts and propoganda, and this is intimately tied with the idea of thinking for ourselves. I agree that much of Western youth have grown up being handed everything, and I think this includes information as well. The problems is that there is so much information and a hugh lack of credibility. I believe that if the youth culture steps up to make educated decisions in response to credible and truthful information, they can facilitate the change to have information to be more credible and truthful.

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