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I think that the most important challenge that young people are going to face globally is connecting with each other and supporting each other's differences. As we have been learning in class over the past few weeks, there are different forms of hip hop all over the world. Although the hip hop movement may have started here in the United States, it's ideals and spirit have spread all over the globe. I think that it is going to be important to recognize all of these forms of hip hop and rather than judge them and scrutinize them on whether they are "authentically" hip hop or not. In class, we spoke about the idea of "connective marginality" which is basically a global phenomena where marginalized cultures feel connected to each other because of the fact that they are marginalized. In my opinion, the focus needs to be placed on what brings us together and not the differences that separate us. I think that even more so than now in the future, hip hop is going to be an important vehicle for change in our global society. As more young people are awakened to the injustices of their communities, their governments etc. hip hop will serve as a form of "consciousness raising", which is another term we talked about in class. Because hip hop gives people the means to relate to one another while expressing their own stories, I think that it's going to be imperative to stop judging each other and start focusing more on connecting to and helping each other rather than analyzing each other to determine if we are "authentic" enough to be considered hip hop. I think that the song "World Destruction" by Afrika Bambaataa is a good example of focusing on what connects us together and not what tears us apart, while also commenting on how the scale of these problems are more than just local, or national, they are global.


I agree that it is imperative for youth to be accepting of each others differences. Individuality is an important concept that is often swept under the rug by mainstream society. We all are coming from different lived experiences and its important to accept how those experiences shape who we are. We all need to work together and accept each other if we want to really make change in our world. Our differences are what makes us unique and we need to accept the diversity in our world.

This is very true. People become uncomfortable with those different from themselves. Society has become used to people who fit into binary oppositions (black and white categories, such as male vs female). However, not everyone fits into these categories. There are multiracial people, transgender people, etc.

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