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I believe the crisis that will face the new generation of young people is having clean water for drinking and for other purposes. The population of the earth continues to rise, and I believe that within the next 40 years it will be a major issue facing people of every country across the world. Massive migrations due to lack of food or water will be imminent with wars fought for access to water. Also, I believe price gouging by those controlling the water will be a major issue. If the economic crisis of 2008 has taught us anything, it is that the world is precariously unstable. I believe that the boom bust cycle of economics happens every 30 to 40 years. I think that the next bust in the years 2040-2050 will be incredibly problematic. The last crisis was narrowly saved from being a complete collapse of the system. The world economic output in 40 years will be too complex to save with some fancy accounting and therefore I am fearful for the consequences of the next recession/depression. Water is going to be central to the problems. Here is a video of Jay-Z doing some water related things.

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