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When it comes to my favorite artist outside of the United States context, I would have to pick a Canadian artist that identifies by the name of, Buck 65. Prior to taking this course, my knowledge of hip hop and the hop hop generation was not well versed and the hip hop artists that I latched onto were those that were affiliated with independent performers. Buck 65 is a Canadian artist that takes on a new style of hip hop, with a drone-y but rap infused lyric style, he creates collaborations within the indie genre. I really liked his work because he collaborated and did remixes with artists that I was already familiar with and it created this new appreciation for the genre because it was infused with something I was already pretty involved in. I would say that this artist was one of the first artists, outside of the US, that I knew and took account of. Many reviews consider his work to be a style of 'abstract hip hop' which I find to be really intriguing and interesting. I really took a liking for this artist because his lyrics were not subjective, but relevant to the happenings of everyday life.

One of his collaborations can be heard below :

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Thanks for sharing this, Kayla. I was looking for the video clip. I guess it didn't load properly. I think collaboration and hybrid sounds are definitely the future of hip hop globally. I am a big fan of the multiple ways that artists have moved away from explicit narratives and toward sound mixes that explore the more complex motivations and emotions of the human spirit. Thanks for posting this. I will be sure to check Buck 65 out.

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