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I think the most important facing new generations of young people globally is discriminations. I know that discrimination got a lot better than before as people usually say; however, discrimination (racism) is still existed in this society.

Actually, racism comes to me without any difficulty as a theory itself, but it is not easy to understand for sure. In America, all people are equal in being legal no matter what race they are. However, it is not equal in the real state. Most people like to think of themselves as colorblind, and there are not that definite any more than before as like legal discrimination or slave system, but we can still see discrimination in small things. Although we are not discriminated directly, we can feel and say that there is still discrimination in this society. I believe that the discrimination is one of the main problems that new generations of young people should think about it carefully.

Can you imagine yourself as a young Asian girl or boy at an American school? You see a group of children playing "jump rope" and ask if you can play with them. You hope that they will invite you to join in, but instead they say, "Sorry no Chinks allowed." I heard that a lot of young Asian kids have been in the similar situations. (Seriously, I have many friends who had the similar experience when they were young) In general, people learn about racism when they are very young and they do not even know it because most of what they learn is from their parents. Therefore, I want to say that the discrimination and racism is the problem not only for young generation, but also for adults.

Although people who are born on earth many have different skin colors, they should not be discriminated.

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