Fabri Fibra - The Hip-Hop Voice of Italy


When we were given this topic to blog about, I immediately realized that I knew very few international hip-hop artists. As I began my research, I started in Italy because of my general interest in that area. I discovered an artist called Fabri Fibra who I was immediately drawn to through his hardcore beats and Italian lyrics. I also discovered that he has a lot of the hip-hop elements we have been discussing in class that were easily recognizable. For example, his song "In Italia" describes the conditions that many marginalized Italian's endure. His hardcore, real and relatable lyrics brought to attention the side of Italy they don't show in tourist commercials. This song was extremely courageous to me, and I think the fact that Fabri could confront these issues and speak out makes him hip-hop.



Hey I like this!
Firstly probably because it is country near to mine that I visited this summer. I liked it so much. Moreover, I love their language and since learning languages come easy to me I would love to lear Italian.
However, I kind of knew about all those mafia problems. At first I though that it is a big stereotype, as well as the stereotype about them being macho, lovers etc. I was surprised to go there and see that it is actually true.
One very expensive car parked in front of me and my sister when we were there asking us to come with them. We were not even dressed up or anything like that. I was in shock. Apart from that, guys were always making some inappropriate comments behind us.
Now, this is not to say that I did not have a wonderful time. It was more about my previous high opinion of Italy as a perfect european country. For sure, it is amazing in so many ways (and I would go back again) but it is not without the problems (as I used to think).

This song supports and expends my current view on Italy. Indeed, one can lear a lot of new things from hip hop. When it comes to politics I think people would have better understanding of the ceratin parts of the world if they listed to hip hop, rather than reading the news.

I really like this as well! As soon as I started the video I had to finish it, which I can't say for much of the rap I listen to nowadays. It definitely addresses issues that people deal with and has meaning behind it. I don't know of the current events in Italy, but this song definitely makes me want to do more research. Thanks for introducing this artist!

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