Favorite Non US Hip Hop Artist

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Starting this blog was really difficult, I'm not very knowledgable of American hip hop and to think of an INTERNATIONAL artist was sure a head scratcher! The only artist I could think of outside of the United States was Jay Chou. I was first introduced to him by my friend in high school, Jay Chou was incredibly popular in China at the time. Although I do no consider him to be complete "hip hop" he does do some rapping in this song:

What's great about Jay Chou is that he incorporates contemporary as well as traditional Chinese musical instruments and he also composes music with meanings that are prevalent in Chinese culture. Take the song posted above, in the song he is rapping/singing of listening to your mother because she knows best for your future, which is exactly what I was told as a kid and now I believe to be true! (Haha) I feel that most of Jay Chou's songs fall under the R&B category though, hip-hop has yet to captivate Chinese people, but I'm sure it's on its way!

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I thoroughly enjoyed this song. I'm fascinated by the Chinese culture in general, and this expands my knowledge of their pop culture. Although I cannot speak Chinese, the music is very compelling and the beats are unique. The Chinese style of hip hop does not coincide with the American style, which is favorable in my opinion because different interpretations of hip hop is more interesting than one international style. Very enjoyable song and I agree with your post!

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