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Like I have stated before, Hip Hop is a new concept to me and I am just starting to learn about hip hop in the U.S. so I do not know much about artists from different countries. I started researching artists on Google and then I turned to Facebook because I remembered a friend of mine from London posted something about an artist from England. The artist that she had mentioned was Tulisa, so I started listening to some of her music. Tulisa started out as a singer in a British hip hop group called N-Dubz. The group N-Dubz had eight top forty hits on the UK Singles Chart. They recorded three albums as a group before splitting up so the members could work on their solo careers. Tulisa became a judge on The X Factor and Dappy recorded his solo album "No Regrets". The group has announced that they will be reforming in 2013.
My favorite song that I have listened to so far is "Playing With Fire" by N-Dubz featuring Mr Hudson. The song has some of the same beats as American music but there are also some British characteristics to it. I also like how you can hear their accents in this song, normally I am not able to distinguish it.


After watching this video, other than the obvious location and accents I would have taken this as an American video. Which in a way I like because for me also just starting to listen to hip hop more or less foreign hip hop it makes it more relate able and easy to listen to. I definitely see what your saying with the Americanized beats but also the British take on it (i.e. their accents) makes it different and work for them and that also makes it different for me as a listener when I'm not used to listening to that particular accent in my music. Great song!

I like the song you posted! I had less chance to hear hip hop music so far neither U.S hip hop nor British hip hop. To tell the truth, I wasn’t able to say what the American beats and British characteristics are. Since I am not a Native English speaker, and I have been living in America for only 2 years; therefore, it is hard to say that I can distinguish the American beats and British characteristics. But I could definitely understand what you said. I could feel that this song has some of the same beats as American music that I used to listen. Also, sometimes, I hear their accents which I liked it. After I read your post and watched the music video, I feel like I learned something about hip hop that I haven’t thought about it before. Thank you!

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