Favorite Non U.S. Hip Hop Artist

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Prior to writing this blog, I had not heard of any international hip hop artist other than M.I.A.. Although M.I.A. is somewhat talented and produces interesting and upbeat music, she would not be classified as an activist because she sings about getting high and making money. So, after doing some research, I came to conclusion that the Chilean hip hop artist Ana Tijoux is my favorite. Ana Tijoux not only is blessed with a beautiful voice and tone of which she sings, but she also is a female activist with inspirational lyrics. I took Spanish for five years, so I recognized some of the lyrics the first time I listened to them. She caught my attention because her music is so unlike the "stereotypical" Spanish music. She has soul combined with flow and upbeat tunes; needless to say, she possesses the authenticity female hip hop artists strive to achieve throughout their careers. From her Song "Sacar La Voz," her lyrics are as follows:

Liberarse de todo el pudor,
Tomar de las riendas,
No rendirse al opresor.
Caminar erguido, sin temor,
Respirar y sacar la voz

The translation, to the best of my ability, is:
Liberty from all the shame
Take the reins
No surrendering to the oppressor
Walking ? without fear/being afraid
Breathe and take your voice (speak up)

Ana has the capability to produce an authentic sound by combining hip hop with jazzy/soul-like tunes and create lyrics of which an activist would speak. Ana is an outspoken, unyielding activist who possesses authenticity of which others are envious. Ana Tijoux is my favorite international hip hip activist, and I will continue to vouch for her success.

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I was only familiar with M.I.A as well when I began this blog. I agree with you that although her songs are very catchy and fun to jam out to, they sometimes lack an inspiring or more meaningful message. I thought this artist Ana Tijoux seemed really interesting and I am excited to look up her music. I think that it's important to support musicians that are conscious and aware of what is going in the world!

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