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I do not know of a great variety of hip hop artists from the United States nor from other parts of the world. However, I do enjoy some artists from around the globe. MIA is an artist from England. Her style is alternative hip hop, pop and electronic. Besides music, MIA is involved in social issues and activism such as a refugee advocate and issues such as poverty, oppression and colonization. Another artist that I hardly consider hip hop is BLK JKS from South Africa. They are more of an alternative rock band. However their style and presence performing music I would consider hip hop since they are flow, and great energy. K'naan is a Somali Canadian hip hop artist. K'naan's style is poetry infused with rap and hip hop that is inspired by traditional Somali music. He is involved with social justice regarding the 2011 Eastern African Drought.

Here are a couple links to BLK JKS music videos on youtube. Would you guys consider this group hip hop?

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