'Hold Your Head Up'


One of the most important issues facing new generation of young people globally is that not all of them are standing up for their beliefs and using their voice to make a change. Although some are, but not a large enough percent are in order to see a change. Since the new generation has not been able to see a huge change, they have not been able to keep positive for certain things in their life. A song that truly displays a story of struggles through hip-hop is 'Hold Your Head Up,' by Macklemore. This song stands out to me because it depicts how he lost his girl and he's talking about how it's never the end of the road and still getting through a hard time of depression. Although this song is about losing a loved one, the song still holds very true to many individuals lives in general. Some of the lyrics that stood out to me the most out of his songs were as follows:

"Hold you head up, there's a light in the sky.
I know you're fed up, but you must try to survive.
Each moment's precious, don't let life pass you by-
Keep focused, keep your eyes on the prize."

These lyrics tell those listening that there is always something to look forward so you must keep your head up and stay focused. He goes on to say how life is precious and you can't let it get away.

The video clip below displays Macklemore's song, 'Hold Your Head Up,' telling the story of the difficult times in many individuals' lives.


This is very interesting! I completely agree that young people today are not always willing to stand up for what we believe in and use our voices. People tend to be complacent and somewhat timid. The lyrics you provided are really great-we need to be CONFIDENT and strong in what we believe in. If we continue to just remain quiet and unheard, we will not be active in our present generation and will not create the type of world we want to live in. Very insightful entry!

This is very inspirational! I wrote about something very similar in my blog; young people are too comfortable remaining voiceless and need to be raised outside the cultural norms. The song attached is so moving in that people need to keep focused and strive even though there are setbacks. Great entry!

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