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My favorite non-US hip-hop artist and activist is Immortal Technique. He is from Peru but grew up in New York so he is intimately connected to immigrant communities and critical of US politics. I like his music because he is he incorporates his own experience in his music and makes intellectual arguments using everyday language. In his song "The Dominant Species" he raps:

I'm stuck inside the future and life is chaotic
The government is psychotically racist and robotic
The matrix of entrapment is socio-economic
Erotic conspiracy theory becomes reality
Life is war, and every day's a battle to me

His first album, Revolutionary Vol 1 sounds rough but that gives it a raw edge. It is clearly unproduced but that does not take away from the gravity of the lyrics. He is sometimes crude but to this he says:

I jerk off inside books and give life to words
Leaving concepts stuck together you probably never heard (what?)
I love when people think I'm psychologically disturbed
Cause it means I overloaded their neurological nerves

Despite the fact that he can be vulgar, it does not take away from the album's overall critique of a corrupt world. I especially appreciate his music because he does not say stuff for the sake of being inflammatory or getting popular attention. Instead his lyrics reflect reflective thoughts and deep critique of the racism, sexism, science, etc.

I enjoy this video because it shows a different side of him than his music does. In his songs and on stage he gets fired up, he cusses, he repeats himself, and he improvises so it's all very unpolished. This clip from an interview he did is sort of an unplugged version of him where is not performing but just speaking his mind.

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