Important issues facing Palestine

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It is my belief one of the most oppressed people living in the world are the Palestinians. They are living in a land that is there own yet is unsafe. They are not allowed to actually take up space in their land. Their right to exist culturally is constantly threatened. They face violence, harassment, and humiliation on a daily level. They are not allowed to speak Arabic without the threat of harassment. This issue is important because when there is not peace in one part of the world there is peace no where in the world. We are truly all in this together and this global struggle factors into my political world view, it weighs on my heart. I feel peace and justice go together and this cause deserves everyone's attention. Until there is justice for the Palestinian people.

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In my blog I wrote about something very similar to yours. I wrote how the biggest issue facing our global youth is war, violence and oppression.What is happening in Palestine is very violent and oppressive, these ramifications are the result of war. With this said, I completely agree with you. As you state, there is no peace. And I ask, how are youth supposed to gain justice and have survival if they are victims of war?

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