International Hip Hop Artists

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My favorite International hip hop artist is 2face Idibia. He is a popular nigerian musician who is also gaining international recognition for his work. His first single that received wide spread attention through out Nigeria was an R&B , smooth reggae ballad called 'African Queen". That was featured in the film 'Phatz Girl' which was released internationally. I really like this song because it was one of the first songs that i've heard that speaks of the African women positively from a black male perspective. I also liked the way he incorporated Nigerian culture in to the video and the lyrics. African Queen was released in 2004 and since then he has evolved and so has the content of his music. In the past few years he has become a prominent Philanthropist and activist who speaks out against the corruption in Nigeria. In 2010 he released one of my favorite songs of all time, 'Man Unkind'. In this song he brings to light the issue of fake and substandard food and drug products being sold in nigeria.

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