Issue Facing Young People


I think the main issue affecting young people is what there are "supposed" to look like, so in other words self image and self worth. I think self image is a main issue because many young people focus on there looks and what society will think of them and what they look like. People are always worried about styles and trends, whats in and whats not. Like in the song "Every Girl" by Young Money they talk about what a girl is supposed to look like. Which they describe as "I like a long haired thick red bone"which is basically describing what the man wants the women to look like and then the rest of the song talks about him wanting to have sex with this perfect woman that he just described. The next verse says, "Open up her legs then filet mignon that pussy I'ma get in and on that pussy, if she let me in I'ma own that pussy." I think this is a big issue because many women start to get the idea in their head that if they have sex with a man that they will like them and stay with them but in reality if he doesn't like the woman for who she is without sex he probably isn't going to like her with it. I also don't think this applies for just women. Men also think that they have to act the same way that the men in the music videos do. They think they need to be "playas" and not really care about anything but sex.


I totally agree, rap artists especially Lil Wayne have been creating hierarchies among women claiming that particular complexions, hair textures and figures are superior to others. I think Its quite ironic that all his requirements in woman are traits he doesn't posses himself. He is a dark complexioned with coarse afro hair. I think Lil Wayne is prime example of self hatred and his listeners should keep that in mind before trying to meet up with his 'requirements'.

I completely agree with you. These musicians always describe their ideal women and in music videos the women clearly are the center of attention. So as a kid you think that's the right way to go about it. I also agree with the previous comment about Lil Wayne not possessing any of the traits himself. Which led me to realize that men do are not subjected to these same standards. I rarely hear of a song about a woman wanting a man with perfect abs or perfect arms and all this just leads back to sexual objectification.

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