Issues Affecting Global Youth

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Youth all over the world experience a wide array of struggles-- and while some have it much worse than others, I believe that the overarching issue that applies to almost all of us is having our opinions, ideas and critiques be discredited, ignored, or even silenced. It is a sad reality that the bright, innovative and NEW ideas of youth across the world have rarely crossed the boundaries of the safe places in which they are shared, stomping out the confidence, hope and individuality of the youth. The mentality of our society has led us to discredit these ideas on the grounds that youth are naive, uneducated, inexperienced-- while in some cases this is relevant, it is often not the deeper issue at hand. Not only is this frustrating to us as youth, it is halting the rate at which our society is developing, and this is detrimental to society as a whole. The awesome part about hip hop is that it is a delivery method for these ideas, and thanks to the internet, it is hard to shut these voices out as they spread. I lived in Tanzania earlier this year, and saw the importance of hip hop to Tanzanian youth. They are oppressed by older and corrupted government members who ignore their ideas that would further their generation, and hip hop allows them to bump these ideas as loud as they can, sharing their frustrations and struggles. This video explains the relevance of the political hip hop in Tanzania.

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