Issues Facing Our Global Youth

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I argue the most serious issue facing our global youth today is war and oppression. Our world is filled with war and violence. In Africa there are wars, violence and oppression in Darfur, Somalia, The Republic of Congo, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, etc. In Asia there is Burma-Myanmar, Sri Lanka, etc. In the Middle East there is Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, Palestine, etc. Furthermore, there is so much horrific violence in the United States. We have disgustingly high high amounts of murder, rape and further violence. How are our global youth to thrive when they live in a world so torn over ignorance and fear? What is a world like the one we live in teaching them?

Furthermore, women and children are most often the worst victims of war, violence and oppression. Whether it be from the war itself (bombs, mass slaughters, etc) or lack of food, water, work/income, thus suffering from overall poverty. Unfortunately, war, violence and oppression happen so often, they are simply apart of all of our lives (some more than others). As a world of many nations, we have adapted to our dysfunction, internalized the oppression we face and afflict on others. So, I ask again, what our we teaching our youth?

To demonstrate the issue of war, violence and oppression. I have chosen a spoken word artist Staceyann Chin and her poem "All Oppression is Connected". I agree with Chin and her words. All oppression is connected. Everyday we all are apart of it. Whether we buy items from clothing stores that are operated under sweatshops, whether we purchase nice homes and cars, go on vacations that once had a culture, and simply pay our taxes. We support it and live it everyday. Some of us, more than others.

With this said, here is Chin's poem.


Chin is speaking from the self-outward and goes beyond sexist and racist representations. She is speaking from her place of marginality to critique the broad privilege of capitalist consumerist society and the many shapes this dominant system manifests itself in (sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, heterosexism, xenophobia). She is using hip-hop as a tool to hold accountable the hetero-patriarchal ideology that perpetuates the system of domination. She is critiquing war, violence and oppression. Go Chin!

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