Issues of Global Youth

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I think that the biggest issue that our youth face today is education disparity. Education is so important in our world, and I highly doubt that anyone would dispute that. It is the means by which we attain opportunities for success and advancement. However, our educational system is totally driven by social class. People from lower social classes have fewer opportunities and often receive a lower quality education than people from higher social classes. Tracking is one example of this. Schools place students onto tracks based on perceived ability and social class. College preparatory and vocational tracks are the only tracks that have any real value or benefit and these tracks are often filled by students from middle and upper class families. Even if a middle-class student has little perceived ability, their parents are able to utilize their cultural capital and advocate for their children to be placed in these higher tracks. Most of these students are the individuals who occupy the primary and upper secondary tier of the work world. They have access to benefits, opportunities for advancement, higher salaries and job security. Many of the students placed on lower tracks or come from lower class families have few job opportunities and many do not even graduate high school which significantly lowers their prospects for jobs. Race is also inherently connected to education because schools that primarily service areas occupied by minorities (who are often from lower classes) have less money and less access to resources such as computers, books, facilities and teachers. These schools often have teachers who are much less qualified than teachers who are employed in a middle-class white neighborhood. Our global education system perpetuates inequality among different races and classes and gives fewer opportunities to those who are not fortunate enough to be high on the income totem pole.

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I agree with your post! Education especially higher education is dominated by those with means, and this disparity is a great threat to the next generation.

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