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Refusing to bend to the will of market forces that demand participation in postmodern consumerism, K'naan's career has - for the most part - been dedicated to telling the story of the Somali diaspora in North America, and reminding the world of the plight of the civil war-ravaged, corruption- and famine-ridden failed state that is Somalia. K'naan immigrated to Canada as a refugee from the East African country, and rapping about his lived experiences as an inhabitant of the fringes of the third world, and the ghetto of the first world, rose to become an international icon.

K'naan is successful despite his blatant refusal to conform to anglophone aesthetic standards. He frequently uses Somali words in his songs, creating a dimension of inaccessibility, but also emphasizing the importance of the immigrant narrative to him as an artist.

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K'naan is one of my favorite artists s well. His album troubadour is one of my favorites and provided a different perspective of the situation that is going on in Somalia other than what is seen on the news. I appreciate his dedication to his culture and his people.

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